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Intend digital production is a part of Group Intend, specializing in software development. Intend is company with years of experience in the Ukrainian and international markets. Founded in 2001 as a small web studio, the company now has more than 50 of its own developers and established partner network that enables rapid scaling. Intend digital production focused on work exclusively with Digital agencies. We realize all your crazy ideas and turn them into code. We know what we need to do to get the best result.

  • Speed one-day brief marking
  • Established production business processes to work with Digital agencies
  • Implementation of projects on time
  • Speed ​​and quality
  • High requirements for testing and QA
  • Warranty service and support projects
  • Cost optimization

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We would like to show you more, but the majority of our projects are protected by NDA

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  • Entertainment
  • High load
  • Fb apps
  • Promo
  • SaaS
  • Portals
  • Online stores


  • The biggest world social network Facebook has created a great marketing tool for Digital agencies. Accordingly, the demand for the development of FB applications in recent years has grown to become one of the main directions of the company Intend digital production. Our experts are developing applications in PHP and JAVA, using Facebook client libraries. And we know what the markup language FBML, scripting language FBJS, FQL query language and API Facebook are and how to work with it.

  • Development of promotional sites is one of the top priority activities of Intend digital production. When creating a promotional site for Digital agencies we take into account the relatively short "life cycle" of the project, work on timing optimization and carefully monitor the implementation of the development schedule. And we are aware that a major goal in developing promotional websites is to create unique frontend.

  • What distinguishes Intend digital production from other companies is its own R&D department. We are happy to undertake the decision and implementation of non-trivial tasks. Research is an important step in the implementation of each project, making the development of complex tasks understandable and predictable process! We love to create something completely new and unique!

  • Developing online stores we focus on its simplicity and convenience, not forgetting about the reliability and functionality. "Smart Sorting", "Buying in 1 click», «Usability» - «must have» of these projects. We use ready-made CMS that allows us to implement projects quickly and in time. With us, your sales will not take long to wait!

  • Intend digital production has confirmed its expertise in the development of portal solutions. We can create for you an individual CMS or customize existing in such a way that it is fully consistent with your needs. We will help you to store & process information in a very structured way and to present only useful information for the user.

  • The development of most of the projects for Digital agencies associated with high load optimization. We understand how to make your site load faster. We know that it is necessary to minimize HTTP-requests, to put CSS-files in the top of the page, and Javascript at the end, use browser's cache, optimize images and more. Working with us - your projects successfully pass all stress tests.

  • Users trust SaaS solutions the processes and the details of their business and our customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this information. Despite the fact that Apple has released the eighth version of iOs and still with errors, we are confident that our QA-experts do not miss a single bug. Built bug tracker would "catch" the error at the stages of alpha and beta testing. We guarantee the quality to the customer; the customer guarantees the quality to users.